Spartan Group of School

Agape Kinder Garten

• An architecturally designed and artistically constructed building with 8,000 Sq.ft. of mosaic flooring, exclusively for Kindergarten Children.
• Spacious, well-ventilated classrooms.
• Moulded modern furniture with moulded activity tables and attached chairs.
• A well appointed Junior Computer Laboratory with 25 Talking Computers for children to play, learn and be initiated to Computers.
• A well equipped Toy-room of 1,000 Sq.ft. area, with a small library.
• A well laid-out outdoor play space with the most modern play-kit including a “Satellite”.
• A neatly laid out Children’s Park, caged love-birds and aquarium to help children grow-up with the natural flora and fauna.
• In short, an absolutely tension-free informal atmosphere.
• Play-way method adopting the Froebel System is followed


A brilliant annual event exclusively for kinder-garten children to showcase their cultural talents. Parents also take an active part in this event.